Breeders Code of Ethics

The FCRTT shall for the purposes of maintaining a Stud Book and in keeping with internationally accepted standards, establish a code of ethics that governs the breeding of dogs.

This Breeders Code of Ethics shall classify dogs by breed, weight and by function. The code shall be revised annually by the committee for standards and maintained or changed as deemed necessary by the committee.

The Standards committee shall publish any changes to the code. Members of the public shall have a period of thirty (30) days to register objections to any such changes after which period such changes shall take effect and shall be enforced.

Members of the public who register objections to changes in the code will be required to present a case for such objections before the Review Committee. The Review Committee shall advise the objector/ plaintiff of its decision in writing within fourteen (14) days of its decision.

The plaintiff may appeal the decision of the Review Committee within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the decision and shall be invited to make further arguments before the Appeal Committee. The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be posted within fourteen (14) days of the appeal hearing. The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be final.

The breeder’s code of ethics shall work in tandem with the FCRTT’s Breed Warden System.

Owners/breeders alleged to be in breach of the code may be brought before the Privileges Committee for the matter to be determined. Owners/breeders shall have the right of appeal. The decision of the Appeal Committee shall be final. A determination against a person shall be sent to the Disciplinary Committee which committee shall apply such reasonable punitive measures as may be appropriate.

Owners of working, herding and hunting breeds fifty pounds and over shall be required to submit Hip x-rays for evaluation by FCRTT recognized veterinarians from  April 15th. 2012., and/ or before litters can be registered of them.  A hip rating system in line with the German SV system or American OFA system shall be adopted.

No Bitch or Dog shall be bred under fourteen (14) months of age.

Puppies as a result of a mating where the sire or dam is less than 14 months will only be able to get a class ‘’C’’ registration and in such a case the generations on the pedigree shall not be printed despite the  records of the parents.

No Bitch or Dog shall be bred under sixteen (16) months of age after 1st. January 2012.

No Bitch shall be bred under eighteen (18) months of age after 1st. August 2012.

A breeder is obligated to advise the breed warden if he/she suspects a bitch may have been mated by multiple males. In such cases DNA tests shall be performed to determine the pedigree of the offspring. Failure to report such occurrences may result in breeders/owners being disbanded after due process.

A Breeder’s kennel facility may be inspected annually for FCRTT/FCI certification.

Dogs with one (1) or no testacies shall be considered not recommended for breeding and litters out of such dogs will not receive class “A’’ registration.

–          There may be exceptions if a dog has lost (1) testicle as a result of some physical or medical reason, in such a case it the dog must be approved by an FCRTT vet and senior Breed Warden.

Dogs with more than one missing canine teeth not due to accident or injury shall not receive class ‘’A’’ registration.

Breed clubs shall have oversight in respect of their specific breed and shall actively promote and propagate the advancement of that breed.