Pet Recovery


The FCRTT believes it is our duty to help promote responsible ownership and we are dedicated to constantly improving the standards of the entire canine fraternity so dog owners can enjoy their four legged friends in every way possible. As a result of the efforts of one of our partners, Royal Valley ID. Systems Ltd. our Breed Wardens and associated Vets are now able to enroll all dogs that they microchip into the Caribbean Animal Recovery System. This system has created a virtual network that makes it easier to recover lost or stolen dogs. The database provides subscribers with a picture image and also a written description of their animal so once an animal is reported missing a message is sent out to all Breed Wardens and associated Vets who will be able to access a proper description of the dog which can now be used to widen a search for the said animal. We a proud to see that there are already a couple hundred dogs registered on the database and the numbers continue to increase steadily.

The Caribbean Animal Recovery System database can be viewed by using the link