Dog and Handler Requirements

Dog and Handler Requirements

The following must be met for a dog and handler to participate in the testing:

–          The dog must be at least six(6) months old on the day of the test, a CST puppy certificate will be awarded, however the CST TITLE (will NOT be awarded until the dog passes the test at least 18 months of age (due to the fact that temperaments may change upon maturity). This means that the letters CST may be applied to an official document like a certificate or pedigree ONLY after the dog passes the test at 18 months of age or later.

–          The dog must be micro-chipped.

–          The dog must be in good physical health as evidenced by a signed/stamped standard statement issued by the veterinarian present on the participation master form.

–          The handler must attend with an appropriate lead (4 to 6 feet) and collar (standard collar no training collars allowed)