Trinidad and Tobago has had a rich history in respect of dogs and we have seen a significant upsurge of imported dogs from Europe, North America, and other parts of the world with the past fifteen years.

In recognition of the foregoing the Federation for Canine Registration of Trinidad and Tobago was formed in 2009 after extensive consultation with persons within the canine fraternity. The FCRTT has established a regulatory frame work that is of the highest international standard and by this we intend to establish a canine registry for pedigree dogs which is affiliated to the FCI (Federation Cinologique international) and which is incorruptible.

  • Elevate the standard of breeding dogs to world class level by the implementation of a breed warden system this includes the use of DNA technology, Micro-chipping, and tattoo system.
  • Establish strong relations with other registries of other countries.
  • Establish coded of ethics for breeders.
  • Facilitate the formation of breed clubs with a view to the maintenance of breed standards.
  • Facilitate the development of the canine industry through the active participation and management of shows, meetings and seminars.
  • Effectively disseminate information and news to our membership and the wider community.
  • Establish effective linkages with government agencies and NGO’s to promote the welfare of dogs.

The executive members of the FCRTT are comprised of persons with the diverse experiences and knowledge of dogs and who subscribe to the high ideals of the FCRTT.