A major pillar of the FCRTT is the Breed Warden system. It employs the use of veterinarians and other persons within communities who interface directly with breeders and owners.

Their role is to correctly identify any and all dogs to be registered. They will administer or oversee the collections of DNA samples, implant and verify microchip identification and tattoo id’s they will issue temporary registration documents.

The breed warden system is designed to improve the credibility and integrity of the information that appears on the pedigree papers and to dissuade breeders and owners from falsifying documents.


List of Royal Valley ID Systems associated vets

Trinidad and Tobago Veterinary Clinics

  • West Park Vet Clinic – San Fernando – 657 8387
  • Tender Heart Vet Clinic  – St Augustine – 645 3883
  • Eastern Vet Clinic – Arima – 664 0878
  • International Canine Semen Bank – Chaguanas – 681 3524
  • All Creature Vet Clinic – Diego Martin – 632 9231
  • Creature Care Vet Clinic – St Joseph Maracas – 762 3837
  • Cunupia Vet Clinic – Cunupia – 665 9492
  • Dr. Patricia Barrow Smart – Tobago – 355 1869
  • D. Animal Clinic – St Augustine –  667 2774
  • Premium Vets – Arima – 663 9945
Caricom Veterinary Clinics
  • Dr David Walton – 1-246-427-3135


Breed warden List

rb Roger Barkley – Chairman of Breed Warden committee, Senior Breed Warden (North)686-7460, rogerbarkley81@yahoo.com
Allan Mitchell – Senior Breed Warden    (North/ East)739-5007, originalallan@yahoo.com
Steve Barkley – Breed Warden    (Central)377-4093, dbarkstony@yahoo.com
Maurice Roberts – Junior Breed Warden   (North)761-0633,   maurob_6@hotmail.com
Shawn Bocas – Junior Breed Warden   (North)735-1145,   atwats12@msn.com
cm2 Clifford Manchoon – Breed Warden    (South)768-4697,   clifonje@tstt.net.tt
Mark Chin Aleong – Breed Warden   (Central)783-4300,    casadimarko@yahoo.com
Premanand Dulan – Breed Warden  (South)770-0975,    pdulan@gmail.com
Reshi Lochan – Breed Warden  (South)681-2626,   reshialochan@yahoo.com 
Christopher Seeyave – Senior Breed Warden   (East)7639888,   cjseeyave@hotmail.com 
Navindra Ramkisoon – Junior Breed Warden    (East)351-5048,   evolution_377@hotmail.com 
Dr. Curtis Padilla- Senior Breed Warden    (East)664-0878, easternveterinaryclinic@gmail.com 
cm Dr.Kishan Mathura – Senior Breed Warden   (East/North)741-6296 
Dr.Wade Seukeran -Senior Breed Warden    (East)735-3530