About Us

The FCRTT is a duly registered non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare and security of dogs in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. The FCRTT is set up to identify and register dogs of all breeds and classes.

Trinidad and Tobago and indeed the Caribbean has had a long history with respect to the breeding, handling and the showing of dogs, especially in the post colonial era. We have also witnessed an upsurge in interest and activity within the canine industry over the last decade . However, notwithstanding the significant efforts by individuals and splinter groups alike, the Caribbean canine industry remains governed by archaic registry and organizational frameworks.

It is for this reason I am proud to announce the formation of The Federation for Canine Registration of Trinidad and Tobago (FCRTT): a canine based, people centered organization. Forged from the love of ‘Man’s Best Friend’, the FCRTT was designed to usher in a new epoch in the Caribbean canine industry. The idea of a modern, dynamic and internationally recognized organization is not a new one, however, it required the sacrifice of a determined few to make it a reality.

The FCRTT is dedicated to the welfare and advancement of all dogs including mixed breeds and shall embrace all groups and individuals of like mind as there is much work still to be done. It is our hope therefore, that you will join with us as we move to reestablish Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean within the international canine fraternity.